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“Balancing the Body for Optimal Wellness”

A balanced body is a healthy body. At Harmony Health, Inc. Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine our goal is to optimize your health and wellness by balancing your entire body, mind and spirit. We believe that while ailments have localized or branch symptoms, they all have underlying root causes.

These root origins are imbalances, which, over time, manifest in varying symptomatic problems throughout the body. Left untreated, this begins the progression of disease. We treat both the root and branch causes with traditional Chinese medicine, including acupuncture. Women's health, Infertility, Prenatal issues and all internal medicine problems are treated.  Our methods utilize thousands of years of Chinese Medicine to balance the whole person – body, mind and spirit. Balance is healthy.

Harmony Health practices Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in Chicago.  Infertility acupuncture, fertility workshops, Fertility Support group, Yoga, Nutrition, and Massage are all provided from our Chicago location.  Fellows of The American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (FABORM) because proper Credentials + Experience = Greater Success

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Prepare your body for pregnancy with our New Year's Fertility Detox Special : Detox and clear out inflammation from holiday indulgences, stress, fertility meds, extra weight and more.  Talk to us about a personalized fertility detox program.  New patient Initial visit includes consultation, cupping and acupuncture $220 (reg. $280)  Call now to schedule 312-243-8448

"Thank you so very much for everything you have done for me and continue to do... the acupuncture, the dietary recommendations, guidance, support, expertise, and your compassion and kindness!" -K.T. 

"We wanted to thank you for your advice, support, and services. Because of you, we've been able to experience the greatest love and joy of our lives." -H.G.

"This is a long overdue thank you for your care, kindness, and fantastic advice throughout my fertility treatment and pregnancy. It was a challenging and unusual path that led me to my beautiful baby girls. You were an integral part of getting us here and I will always be grateful to everyone there." -L.P.

"I know this would not have happened without the support I received from Harmony. I know I would of gave up a long time ago. You guys were so positive, always reassuring me, that yes, I could have a baby. Now I look at my daughter and just feel profound gratitude. You reminded me that I wasn't broken, just in need of some TLC. Thank you for the TLC Harmony Health, I won't forget it!" -L.J

"How can we thank you?  I'm crying as a new mother because our journey has been soo long and rough.  With only one ovary and one working fallopian tube, we were told IVF was the only way.  After 4 rounds they proved wrong and you helped us conceive naturally.  My husband firmly believes you were the only reason we now have our family." 

"You helped me conceive and become a mother (not only once but twice now) of two beautiful boys and for that I am eternally grateful!! I can't thank you enough for all your support and guidance.  I recommend ...